Sunday, May 29, 2005

Channel 253

There is a wonderful thing out there in the world of television called Wine TV.

Here in the United Kingdom (written with only a modicum of irony), it appears on satellite channel 253 and it consists of a number of programmes dedicated to the oeniphile and, in the main, originating either from Australia or the USA.

Having dropped all the pay TV channels recently, and being a one time Wine Merchant and terrible Wine Bore, I have become addicted to this channel. Most of what it has to say I know already, but it's gratifying to see a whole television channel dedicated to one of my passions.

I particularly like the American educational programme Wine 101, narrated by David Hyde Pierce (or Niles Crane as is he perhaps more commonly known). Whoever picked him to voice over this programme is a genius of television.

But I have a question.

This is Wine 101, made by South Carolina Educational Television.

I would normally equate '101' with entry level, undergraduate studies. Finding out the basics of a subject before deciding whether or not to study in depth. Something you do as a Freshman.

Before, in the USA, you are old enough to drink wine.

So just who is this series aimed at?


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