Photographs make for an easy blog post

I realised today that it's almost the end of November and I've not posted anything all month. OK, so I didn't post much last month either, but at least I posted something.

The reason for my lack of online activity is a simple one: I am writing. To be specific, I am writing book three in the DI McLean series, The Hangman's Song. It's going OK, since you ask. Not brilliant - I've had to take a bit of time off to sort it all out in my head before hitting the home straight, but I'm almost 60k done of a target of 100k by Christmas. I have a scene list that should take me to the end, although I know that it's too early to really nail anything down.

More importantly I've finally figured out what a major sub-plot is all about, which is nice given the amount of time I've put into the characters and their scenes so far. This book is unlike any I've written before, but then I could say that about all the others, except perhaps the first one.

And so a photograph, since I promised you one. Or maybe two. In a little over a week I shall be taking delivery of a pair of kittens. And since this is the internet, there must be pictures.

One is grey and stripey

The other is green and stripey

Neither have names as yet. Feel free to suggest some, just as I will feel free to ignore your suggestions. It remains to be seen how the dogs cope with this new invasion, let alone me.


terlee said…
The farm, the critters, the book to finish in a matter of weeks, and two wee kittens. I'm exhausted...

Grey and Stripes, of course. ;d

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