Monday, June 06, 2005


Sundays are for tinkering. That's why I never get around to blogging. Mostly I have been tinkering with my 1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto, something I've been restoring on and off for the last fourteen years. This year it's just possible that I might get the thing back on the road.

Then again, maybe not.

The problem with taking so long over a restoration is that things I did ten years ago now need to be done again. Only properly this time. I also have to admit, if I'm being truthful, that I'm not the world's greatest mechanic. I can take things apart, and sometimes even put them back together again. But usually when I do, there's a couple of bolts, a spring and a black rubber washer left over which really shouldn't be.

A case in point. Many years ago, I replaced the windscreen on the car. This involved much swearing and cussing, and the help of Barbara to hold things in place whilst I removed layers of unnecessary skin from my knuckles and arms. It was a struggle, but we got the thing in, eventually.

On Saturday, in some preliminary tinkering, I discovered that six small metal clips, essential for fitting various parts of chrome trim, should have been inserted before the windscreen. After much pondering and not a little bad language, I took the windscreen out again (which was alarmingly easy), and place the clips where the were meant to go.

Yesterday as I was gearing myself up to putting things back together again, my neighbour came sauntering up and offered to help. We had the screen back in in five minutes.

Professionals, they make all the difference.

So maybe I will get the thing on the road this summer after all.


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