Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Mr BMW, he no show

As of lunchtime tomorrow, the mountain road will once more be open. In truth, it's never been closed. No diversion signs, no camera crews, no smart new motors, nothing. Just a small sign on the bridge, put there by the council, telling anyone who would look that the road is going to be closed.

Now the weather's not been perfect for a photo shoot. Today for instance, it was raining when I got up. It continued to rain all day and it is still raining as I type this. The potatoes are loving it. Me, I can get bored of it very quickly, especially when the cat comes in looking like she's just escaped from the bag with the brick in it, and proceeds to shake herself all over my laptop and whatever manuscripts, data entry sheets, code snippets or expensive comics happen to be lying open on my desk. Then curls up and goes to sleep on my lap.

But the weekend was good. So where were the cameras? If I was the man from Ceredigion County Council Roads Department and I'd processed a road closure then found out that it wasn't needed after all I'd be a little peeved. Then again, people in planning and traffic departments seem to thrive on making life miserable for everyone else, so maybe they were giddy with the joy of blocking off the road for no really good reason. So they'll be peeved anyway when they find out that all their efforts were in vain.

My guess is that the cameras and cars will turn up this coming Sunday and find that they can't close the road. They'll have to do their shoot in between the endless stream of weekend drivers who like to pootle over the mountain, looking at the wilderness whilst safely cocooned in their air conditioned luxury. And the hairy bikers who try to kill themselves (and with surprising success) on the route from Rhayader to Devil's Bridge. And the local farmers in their suspiciously new Land Rovers.

Now that would be fun to watch.


Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Hehe, German Road Departments love digging holes. Preferably in streets and roads with lots of traffic so they can make one of our famous Umleitung and send the poor drivers around the contryside for half an hour. And it takes longer than a few stupid little commercial shots that in the end have no real connection to the car that's supposed to be sold. ;)

July 05, 2005 11:31 pm  

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