Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Forgetful as ever

I had it in my mind that today was the third anniversary of the birth of this blog. There was going to be a party, with cake and jelly.* Party poppers and silly string, paper hats and goody bags. There would have been balloon animals and mad-running-around-shouting games, perhaps a re-run of the infamous Nicky Leach incident,** and certainly a magician.

But no clowns. I don't like clowns.

As it turns out, the actual blogday was last Sunday. Yes, December 9 2004 was a momentous occasion. December 12 was noted only for being the close of an unremarkable weekend. So unremarkable, in fact, that I didn't feel moved to post anything until December 14. All of which means it's too late for a party. Ah well, maybe next year.

In previous year-end witterings, I've bored you with word counts and numbers of posts. This year, I can't easily do that, as I've fallen out of the habit of collecting all my meanderings together in one big Word file over the course of the year. Perhaps if I'm bored I'll do that and let you know, but then again, who really cares?

I'm hopeless at remembering birthdays anyway. If I've forgotten yours, please don't feel singled out. I do it to everyone, even myself.

* you shouldn't get drunk and try to eat jelly with your fingers - I've tried that and it really doesn't work.
** you shouldn't get in a huff and hit your host at his seventh birthday party - I've tried that and he's had a crooked nose ever since.



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