It's raining

I knew it couldn't last. Sunday was just too gorgeous, with bright low sunshine making mockery of the heavy coats and thick jumpers we'd packed. Yesterday was a bit more overcast, but still nice. I took this picture of the Horse Doctor pretending to be a Viking down on the shore front yesterday morning, and as you can see there's not a cloud in sight. Or Viking for that matter.

Solfarid or Sun Voyager at Saebraut

We spent most of yesterday wandering around the city looking at things that weren't open until today. In winter at least, museums and stuff don't open on a Monday in Reykjavik. And even the Hallgrimskirkja was closed in the morning for a funeral. I guess I can't complain about that though.

But today it is wet, a little cold and somewhat miserable. Perfect weather for spending the whole day indoors looking at models of Viking ships, and fish.

More anon, and a longer, more boring report when we get back.


Chaser said…
That sculpture is pretty cool though. And given that your vacay has got you ranting about things other than politics and chubby people, I'm for it!

Have a good time and travel safely.

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