Iceland a go-go

Tomorrow morning, at some ungodly hour best viewed from the other side, the Horse Doctor and I will travel from out temporary base here in Fife to Glasgow, and thence onto a plane that will take us to Keflavik, Iceland.

This is to be a holiday, pure and simple. Given recent house developments, it will probably be our last holiday for quite a while. Had the house developments developed before I'd booked our flights, we'd probably not be going at all, but that's another story.

Why the holiday, I hear you ask. Didn't you already do your level best to destroy the environment by flying to Canada in March? Well, yes. And two foreign trips in a year is not normal for us. A foreign trip every two years is not normal for us, though you could be forgiven for not believing that if you've read this blog from its birth.

But the Horse Doctor's boss told her she had to take some leave or he was going to lock her out of the office. Given that I work from home, having my better half bumbling about the house for a week whiklst off work is guaranteed to make me testy, so we really have to go somewhere else. We had originally thought of a trip to New England, there to see the legendary Fall. But for various reasons too complicated to explain right now, we couldn't quite get that organised.

Iceland seemed like a good second best.

The problem is that October isn't the best month to visit a country so close to the arctic circle. It's not renowned for its good weather, neither its warm temperatures. The days will be short, and booze is prohibitively expensive, so the evenings will probably be quiet. Hopefully we'll have one or two clear nights to see the Northern Lights.

Iceland is very technologically savvy in its cities - wifi networks abound. But out of Reykjavik things get a bit less twenty-first century, so blogging may be sporadic over the next week. I will try to post a few pictures, and sum up my thoughts as I have done before.

In the meantime, I'm on holiday and you're not. Nyah nah na nyah nah.


norby said…
I am sorry that the house didn't come through for you guys, but I'm jealous that you're going to Iceland. I've always been curious about Iceland-I saw the show Tony Bourdain did there, but I look forward to hearing what you and the Horse Doctor think.

Have a good trip!
JamesO said…
The house hasn't fallen through yet, norby, though given the vagaries of the English conveyancing system it could yet do so. What I meant by my comment was that we could really use the money already committed to this holiday to spend on the house, should it actually become ours in the next couple of months.

Once we've bought it, we'll be far too impoverished by enormous mortgage payments to go on another holiday for a while. Plus too busy redecorating.

My thoughts on this place will follow soon...
norby said…
Gotcha, well, I'll keep my fingers crossed then.

All you can do now is enjoy the vacation I guess.

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