Monday, December 11, 2006


Yesterday was the perfect day. It started off wet and windy, and just got wetter and windier as it went on. Apparently up in Capel Curig, they had four inches of rain. Here we only managed two in twenty-four hours. The Horse Doctor and I donned waterproofs and dragged both the dachshund and Chiswick out for a short stroll after breakfast. Then we lit a fire and spent the rest of the day in the sitting room; she surfing the internet looking for presents for her family and knitting, me reading Tambo's excellent latest book, Valley of the Soul.

It's not often I allow myself the luxury of reading during the day.
Most of my reading is done a chapter at a time before lights out. That's bad, I know, but somehow life's schedules arrange themselves elsewise. I also have this strange guilt complex thing that says any time not spent writing is time that should be spent writing. Come the weekend, my guilt switches itself to all the things that really should be done outside, like digging the vegetable beds (man) or tidying up the garden. It takes heroically bad weather to drive me indoors, so snuggling up in the armchair yesterday with Tambo was a special treat.

Today, Trace's new book Finding Chloe is out over at Liquid Silver Books. Am I so brazen that I could turf Tambo out of the armchair and invite Trace in instead?

Damn right I am.


Blogger Trace said...

*SMOOCH* I love ya baby!

December 14, 2006 7:20 pm  

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