Thursday, October 26, 2006

Otherwise occupied

I know I've not posted much recently, and for that I'm sorry. But the truth of it is there's not much going on in my life right now that's of any great interest. I could try and stir myself up into a rant about something controversial in the news, perhaps get all hot under the collar about religion for a change. But really I'm quite happy ignoring the outside world and concentrating all my energies on imagining a new one.

and that's just chapter one...

Unlike Mr Stuart's whiteboard, mine is full of nonsense ideas and squiggly lines in different colours. I have a basic structure worked out, most of my major characters whipped into shape and now it's just head down and get on with building up the word count time.

So of course, yesterday and Tuesday I had to go collect shit, but that's what pays the bills these days, so I can't complain. Next month looks like the last collection for this year, and I don't know if the project will continue after that. As long as they don't decide to do it with cows...


Blogger Trace said...

That's awesome, James! I used to use a white board. Now I use Word and text boxes :)

October 27, 2006 5:52 pm  

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