Monday, April 10, 2006

Waiting for Blogger

Most of the day, as it happens. I had access first thing this morning, but since about lunchtime it's been in a bit of a bolsh.

Fortunately I've had absolutely nothing to say. And the lack of distraction means that the corrections to Benfro are nearly done. Another hour or two should do it. Then down to the office to print it out whilst there's nobody about, and it can go in the post tomorrow morning. Job done.

But what next? Well, I guess I can't back away from Benfro 3 and 4 for much longer. I'll have to do something about the mind-map on my whiteboard before it gets permanently stuck, for one thing. And then there's a couple of Inspector McLean mysteries that need sorting out, sadly without the help of WPCs. Ah well...

And today, months after I switched off the word verification nonsense, I got my first spam comment. Well done bruno from fast pay day loans - you get Wanker of the Week prize. If he keeps coming back with his squinty eyes and odd smell, I'll have to re-engage the strange word generator, but for now I'll just send him squelching off to the waste bin.

All of which is not much, in a random, can't get my head together kind of way. So instead, courtesy of Trace, by way of Sandra, I bring you the sad meteorological news:

You Are Snow

Magical yet potentially destructive
You are well known as fun to play with
People anticipate your arrival but then are quickly sick of you

You are best known for: your serenity

Your dominant state: reflecting

I'm not sure about '
People anticipate your arrival but then are quickly sick of you,' but the rest is nail-head accurate.



Blogger Sandra Ruttan said...

People anticipate your arrival but are quickly sick of you...

Oh, I don't know James. Should there be a debate on that?

April 10, 2006 8:06 pm  

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