Only myself to blame

A few days ago, the Horse Doctor came home from a trip to Llandrindod Wells, where she sometimes has to go as part of her new job. She was more than her usual excited self, telling me that an estate agents board had gone up outside one of the houses in the village.

Being of a more cynical bent, I curbed my enthusiasm, since property around here is notoriously expensive. Still, we knew the history of the house - it has been standing empty for three years since its elderly owners died, whilst a tortuous legal mess over the inheritance was sorted out. Village gossip had it that a quick sale was in order, which around here means something close to a reasonable price.

Or at least that was what I hoped. When I finally managed to get a set of particulars, the guide price was something of a shock. Still, hopeful people that we are, yesterday evening we went and had a viewing.

why are estate agents so crap at taking photos?

OK, so it doesn't look much from the front, but it's built on a slope, and has a huge basement. Plus it looks south over the upper Ystwyth valley - a view to die for. Internally, it is as run down as you might expect a house in damp Wales that hasn't had any heating on for three years might be. And there's a worrying problem with the chimneys on the west gable wall. But it has ceilings I can't reach with my outstretched hand, even standing on tippy-toes. If you've ever seen a typical rural Welsh cottage, you'll know just how unusual that is.

The garden is a complete jungle, but contains a fairly mature eucalyptus tree, a long way from its native New South Wales, and a sweet chestnut heavy with nuts. There are fruit bushes just needing a little attention and half a dozen apple trees that will produce great fruit if they're pruned properly.

It's what Americans call a fixer-upper, just half a mile from where we're living at the moment, and is quite perfect. All, that is, except the price.

I tried an offer of 20% below asking - well, you've got to try, haven't you. Sadly no joy. So today I've been squeezing the finances as much as I can to see if we can squeeze another ten percent. The Horse Doctor's due a pay rise in October, but I don't think it's going to be enough. Nor will selling the Batmobile.

I hate the way hopes are dashed. It's the same with constant rejection from publishers. No wonder I find it hard to garner much enthusiasm for anything anymore.


Sandra Ruttan said…
That sucks. What about 15%? No chance there? Of course, maybe it won't sell right away and they'll reconsider...

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