I've not had this keyboard all that long. I think I bought it half way through bashing out The Ballad of Sir Benfro book three last year, which means it's done one and half novels. Today I notice that the N key is almost completely worn away.

see how shiny they are with use

This surprises me. I don't think I'm particularly overzealous in my use of the letter N. That's the first time I've used it in this paragraph, for instance. Oh, and that's the second (and third, fourth, fifth. Oh, sixth - damn seventh - argh eighth, ninth? bugger it). I'm far more heavy on the backspace key, constantly hammering backwards to correct typos. I'm no great touch typer, but I'm a step up from the two finger basher. Generally speaking I can type and stare at the screen rather than the keyboard, though as I've mentioned before, I do need to be able to see the keys, if only every so often.

My previous keyboard was one of those weird ergonomic jobbies, but for some unfathomable reason it packed up after a couple of years. Some of the keys would work, some of the time. But it was never consistent, so one day I might have to make do without the letter i, and the next it might be q. This keyboard still produces all the letters I want, but the decals are slowly being worn off the keys.

no, that's not finger jam, actually

Or quite quickly, in this case.

None of the other decals show this kind of wear, though some of the key tops are getting quite shiny. The space bar reveals that I am predominantly right-handed, as the worn part is directly under my right thumb. S, E, R & T are all showing overuse, with A and D not far behind. C seems to come in for a fair bit of bashing, as does H, I, O and, of course, N. This probably means something very important, but I'm damned if I know what. I can't even think of anything much you can spell with all those, except possibly HORSERADISH CARTOON. And I don't think that means a lot. Actually, HARD SECTION works, but again, what does it mean?

I bought this keyboard because the number pad comes separate from the rest of it. Far back in the dim and distant, I did some damage to my right shoulder, which made stretching that little bit extra very uncomfortable. I overcame this by switching to my left hand for controlling the mouse - something I'd recommend to any right hander who hasn't tried it. But having the number pad separate gives me the option of putting it back on the right should the mood take me.

I just hope it lasts me until the end of this book.


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