Whatever next?

I was in Sainsbury's in Dundee recently, the one that tries to pretend it's in posh Broughty Ferry, rather than daggy Whitfield. It sells the delectable Haggis Pizza, but I wasn't there for that. I was there looking to pick up some Neurofen for the Horse Doctor, who can't function without regular doses of her favourite drug.

I found what I was looking for, not unsurprisingly, in the pharmacy department (sometimes confusingly called Health and Beauty), but as I was trying to make up my mind between caplets, full strength or plus with added codeine, I noticed that the headache remedies had been placed on a shelf directly above the condoms.

This in itself caused my inner frivolity sensor to titter slightly, but I was also intrigued by the sheer colour and variety of packets on sale. They had lubrication too, good old KY Jelly and something called Play Feel, which was described as being suitable for 'intimate massage.'

And then they had this:

The Durex Play Vibrations. Which is, basically, a disposable, vibrating cock ring.

Now I'm quite broad-minded really. I'm happy for people to express their sexuality however they please, as long as it doesn't harm anyone else who doesn't want to be harmed. But I can't help wondering at the Sainsbury's product buyer who thought this would be a good thing to stock in store. And on the shelves at small child level too. I imagine it must lead to all sorts of embarrassed parental explanations:

'Mummy, this chewing gum tastes horrible. And it's all tingly in my mouth.'
'But we haven't been in the sweetie aisle yet, Timmy... Oh. Where did you get that!?'

I wonder too at the type of person who buys their sex toys from the supermarket. It speaks of a rather casual attitude to lovemaking. 'I'll just pick up some lube and a cock ring with the pizzas shall I dear?' What next? Will they be selling dildos in the cooking utensil department? Perhaps bondage gear in the bigger stores, where they have clothes. Most supermarkets have dry cleaners and dvd rental shops attached to them now. Some even have Starbucks. Maybe they'll open in-store Anne Summers* outlets now.

And yet you won't find any porn magazines on sale. Even on the top shelf.

* that link's not work safe, methinks.


norby said…
Now see, you're just not gonna find that stuff on the shelves of your average store here in the US. It's amazing enough that most stores carry more than one brand of condoms and lube.

Although I have to agree about where they're stocked-not exactly what you want the kids grabbing and throwing in the cart. Or playing with.
Free Dating said…
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