Well there's a funny thing

I've just learned today that one of the blokes I worked alongside for the last ten months used to be a woman.

It doesn't change my opinion of him (her?) at all, though it possibly explains some of his (her?) more ebullient behaviour. I'm not even embarrassed at not having noticed. That, after all, is meant to be the whole point.

But I can't help myself from thinking back to some of the conversations we had and going: 'hmmmmm.'

Another one for the characters file. Who'd be the friend of a writer, eh?


Peter said…
Best not to know at the time I think. My wife worked alongside a woman whom she thought had been a man but was not sure and consequently spent most of any meetings looking at her(his) adam's apple trying to work out if it was a man's one and very little time concentrating on work.


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