I went for a run this afternoon. That's the first run since the eighteenth of December 2007.* I'll say that again for those of you who blanked out after the December bit. 2007. More than fourteen months ago.

The strange thing is that looking at my GPS running monitor thingummy, I see that on the eighteenth of December 2007 my average pace was 8 minutes 59 seconds a mile, my average speed a mere 6.7 miles per hour, and my maximum 10 miles per hour. Today I managed and average pace of 8 minutes 31 seconds a mile, average speed of 7 miles perhour and a maximum of, you guessed it, 10 miles per hour.

It would appear then that taking fourteen months off an exercise schedule has absolutely no effect whatsoever. If anything I am fitter now than I was back then. Except...

Back in December I ran 7.7 miles, including a climb of 1600 feet. Odd fellow that I am, I can remember the run, and it wasn't particularly good. But I didn't feel like I'd gone ten rounds with a chainsaw-wielding maniac afterwards.

Today I ran 3.02 miles, with a climb of a measly 408 feet. And I feel like crap. Tomorrow I confidently predict my legs will not work at all, which is going to make coming down stairs to breakfast difficult. I'd prevail upon the Horse Doctor to bring me my coffee and toast in bed, but it's bad enough just having legs that hurt.

The plan with this running lark is to get myself back into shape after forty weeks of slobbing at a desk all day. Since I have a large and unruly Labrador with more energy than brains,** I thought I might get a harness for him
*** and we could go running together.

It's going to take a few more weeks of slow three milers before I'm in any shape to do that.

* I know this because my GPS running monitor thingummy told me so. With a disapproving stare and a hands on the hips stamp of the foot stance.
** a lot more energy than brains. If his brain was as big as a mouse (which I doubt), his energy would be the size of the sun.
*** and am I the only one who thinks that looks kind of pervy?


Ellen said…
I like to think my large, unruly retriever will inspire me to get more exercise! Good luck with that!

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