There goes that diet then...

I am somewhat addicted to Walker's Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps. They have a pleasing chilli heat that makes not finishing the bag once it's opened quite a feat of self-discipline. Lately, however, we ran out of stocks, and when I went to the supermarket to buy some more, I couldn't find them anywhere.

Then I realised they'd changed the design of the packet. I don't know why they felt the need to do this - it's not as if the product doesn't fly off the shelves anyway. But the marketing men, like all other departments of big organisations, have to justify their overlarge salaries, so I suppose rebranding the corporate image every so often makes them feel useful. Either that or it's some kind of tax dodge.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the product inside the packet is still as tasty as ever - no tinkering by the flavour department to justify their overlarge salaries. There does, however, appear to be one small change. They're now using real ingredients.

Which kind of begs the question what were they using before? Or indeed, what are other manufacturers of savoury snacks using?

Actually, I think Walkers are missing a trick here. If they can make these with real ingredients, then surely there's a whole line of new diet crisps out there, made with imaginary ones. You could have any flavour you wanted: celery and rivita; pineapple; rat on a stick; crunchy frog; bean sprout and avocado puree; mouldy toe-jam; and there wouldn't be a calorie in any of them.

Of course, the packets would be very light.


Ellen said…
Hmmm...interesting spelling on "chili". Is adding extra letters to words the general rule for British English?
JamesO said…
It's not so much that we add letters, Ellen. It's you colonials who keep on taking them out;}#
norby said…
I had those crisps when I was in Ireland-they are completely addictive. You can get them here in the states, if you mail order them from various companies. Grrr.

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