Saturday, March 15, 2008

Moving day

Well, more like moving weekend actually. We've hired a van, the Horse Doctor and I. Favours have been called in, and now there are strong people hefting furniture about. It's just a shame the new house isn't quite ready to move into.

Still, what's life without its challenges, eh? I'm sure a week of no heating or hot water will be good for the soul.* We're heading north next Thursday to fetch back beasts, so I'll be able to get clean then. Alternatively, our old house is going to be sitting empty, with a perfectly good boiler running on oil I've already paid for and can't take with me. So it's not really going to be a hardship at all.

The scary thing about moving house, though, is seeing just how much shit you've accumulated over the years. We've been here since April 2000, and managed to move in with just one full 3.5 ton Luton van. Were not all the photos packed away in a box somewhere in a basement too full to contemplate, I'd dig out the one that shows us loading the kitchen sink. This time, however, one van won't even begin to do it. I've already taken down two loads today, and we haven't started on the big stuff like the sofa and beds. Christ alone knows where we're going to put it all. Not in the basement - that's for sure.

where did all that stuff come from?

On the plus side, everything that was in the loft is now no longer in the loft. And indeed most of it is in the new basement.



Tonight is our last night in the warm, friendly house we've called home for eight years. Tomorrow we sleep in a building site. Just what part of being a home owner is supposed to be good?

*if not the underarm odour

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Anonymous norby said...

Hang in there James, I have no doubt you'll have the place together before you know it.

March 16, 2008 4:54 pm  

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