Meet Adolf

Found by Becky, the Sandwich Student,* It had been abandoned and was found trying to eat cattle cake in the shed.

One for Cats that look like Hitler, I think.

* though frankly I'm getting hungry waiting for my lunch. Useless woman.**

**it's not so funny*** if you say intern, but that's she would be called in America, I guess.
**OK. It's not funny at all.


norby said…
James, is Adolf polydactl? The way the little tyke is being held it looks like the right front paw has an extra digit.
JamesO said…
I've no idea, norby. And Adolf's gone to the vet to be rehoused, so I've no way of telling.

Except maybe by blowing up the original photo and seeing if it's any clearer...

Ah, yes. Quite possibly five claws on the front right. How many should there be?
norby said…
If he has five he's normal then. He must just have them all stretched out. Looking at it again, I can see that.

A polydactl would have six toes on the front feet or five toes on the back feet. They're also called mitten paws.
Sandra Ruttan said…
I think it's five. Most of my cats have extra claws. Massive paws.

Cats that look like Hitler? Oy.

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