Ah yes, blogging

I knew there was something else I was meant to do.

Silence is golden, and also a sign that I have been very busy of late. We travelled north last Friday, the Horse Doctor and I, accompanied by the DevilDog, the SausageDog and the FluffyCat. They are still enjoying themselves in Fife, there for a few weeks whilst we pack up this place and move it all to the new house. There's nothing like a dachshund for getting underfoot when you're carrying heavy boxes, and all the too-ing and fro-ing upsets the DevilDog.

Progress on the new house is slow. For which read Glacial. At least the new shower cubicle has arrived. Now all I have to do is fit it.

Oh, and finish doing the wiring.

And hack a six inch hole through a three foot thick stone wall.

And fit the new boiler.

And get someone in to connect the gas (the one thing I'm not allowed to do myself)

And plumb in a new kitchen sink.

And replace the bathroom floor.

And tile things.

And build a new partition wall to replace the one I knocked down last week.

And speak to the electricity supplier about getting the new consumer unit connected to the main.

And bang my head against a brick wall with BT trying to get the phone connected.

And all before a week on Friday when we have to leave this place.

Oh, and pack up this place into boxes and other convenient receptacles.

I think I need a drink...

Still, the hunt met at the farm whilst we were up there, so I'll leave you with this rather fine picture.

It's not cruel to foxes, really


angie said…
Nice to know you're not busy or anything! Yeesh...
norby said…
So the house is going well then?

My sister just bought a house-fortunately not really any work needed, just the few cosmetic things she wants to change.

Keep at it James-looks like you're doing a great job!

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