I has been away

Which I'm sure you've noticed. Both of you.

The Horse Doctor and I went up to Aberdeen for a wedding, which was a good time to catch up with some people I've not seen in too long. It was a pretty good party, too, as these things go. But I can't help noticing that some of the people I was at University with are starting to look a bit old. I hope my youthful good looks aren't slipping too. I'd better go and check on that picture up in the attic.

In a flurry of overactivity before heading north, I managed to finish the latest rewrite of The Book of Souls. It's version four, which is a bit scary. Well, not so scary now since all the ghosts are gone. Fingers are firmly crossed that this one makes it all the way. I'm getting really bored of being the one who almost got there - and you don't come much more tantalisingly close than being rejected by the buying committee.

Last year's troubles mean that there is no new work in progress - I didn't manage to cobble anything together for the Debut Dagger, so there won't be a third shortlisting in a row. I had hoped after the first year not to be eligible the next, and the same last year. If I'm still eligible for 2010 then perhaps fate is trying to tell me something. Get off your arse and write a proper book, most likely.

Meantime, I've been wandering idly about the world of Sir Benfro, wondering how the fourth and final book is going to go. It's been so long since I last looked at it, I'm first going to have to read the first three to see what's already happened.

Well, it's got to be better than working for a living.


Gabriele C. said…
So it's definite that you're going to live on the farm? Good luck with that and with the writing.

I have plans to visit Scotand this year, probably in late May/early June.
Sandra Ruttan said…
What's a proper book? One with manners, gloves, a fancy little hat and good etiquette?

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