Away for a while

Not that you'd notice particularly.

I'm off up north tomorrow, there to spend a week sorting out all the things that need sorting out when your parents die suddenly and unexpectedly. There'll be fun meetings with lawyers and some bickering over who gets which items of furniture. And talking toot into the wee small hours, aided by much whisky. Who knows, we may even come to some form of consensus as to what is going to happen to the farm. I hope so - it may be selfish, but I'd really like to move on now.*

What there won't be is much in the way of bloggage, since my dad's broadband connection was switched off back in October.

See y'all on the other side.

* even if that means moving back, so to speak.


swallowtail said…
We will be here upon your return. Blessings.
norby said…
You're already gone, but good luck James and take care...

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