The view from my office today

Or to be more precise, the view from outside my office, since it wasn't actually raining for a change

And just to prove that I've not yet got a handle on the technology that is the mobile phone. here's the next photo I took

That's good Aberystwyth concrete and seawater, that is. Just as well I didn't get my foot in the picture too.

Nothing much to report here, but if you've not seen it already, head on over to Mr Stuart's place and give him a pat on the back.


Gabriele C. said…
What a lovely blue sky in that first pic.

Btw, I got some novel idea that involves Cantre'r Gwaelod and other lost places at sea shores. Have you ever heard the bells? :)
highlandwriter said…
I wish I had an 'office view' that overlooked the sea... Consider yourself lucky, James. :-)

JamesO said…
I think it's unlucky to hear the bells, isn't it Gabriele? Or is that the sunken village over on the east cosat?. I've seen the submerged tree stumps at low tide though, and they're quite impressive.

And yes, HW, I know I'm lucky working here. If you've got to work at all, then in a building overlooking a marina and the sea is probably the best place. We even get otters swimming in the harbour here sometimes.

Just a shame the day I took that picture was the last time the sun shone. (Also the first time the sun shone in a very long while.)
Gabriele C. said…
Maybe hearing the bells being unlucky is another variant of the legend. They're always a mess.

There are three different versions why Cantre'r Gwaelod sank, one of which has the main features in common with Kêr Ys in Brittany (daughter of the king responslible for the gates gets seduced and forgets to close the gates / hands key to the seducer), but Kêr Ys has no bells. Vineta in the Baltic Sea has bells, but its fall is more a Sodom and Gomorrha version: the city became too rich and ungodly and so it was punished. I don't know the legends connected with Tartessos in Spain since I decided not to have that one in my book, because I've never been to Spain and I write better about places I've seen.

Thus it will be the kings of Cantre'r Gwaelod, Kêr Ys and Vineta, heirs of Atlantis, Keepers of magic stones, and there will be a lot of mayhem, betrayal and battles in an alternate world which has Romans and Vikings. And Caledonians and Welsh (I hope I can find a good word that encompasses the different tribes that have been around historically).

Should be fun. :)

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