Why do they put handles on the 'push' side of the door?

It only leads to confusion and embarrassment.

Not a lot going on around here, except that I had a little celebration on Saturday to mark the six month anniversary of ordering the phone line for our new house. Yes, half a year on and we still have no means of communication at home.

BT are a completely useless bunch of wankers, as far as I'm concerned. Partly for taking so long to not give me a working phone line, but mostly for the bizarre way they treat their customers. It makes me ill just thinking about it, so I'm not going to prattle on here. Letters have been sent to my various elected representatives; there's nothing more I can do, short of tracking down the chairman and kidnapping his family.

In other news, on the odd chance that someone might stumble upon this place who has never heard of such things, the delightful Angie has added Mr MacBride's scalp to her collection of interviews. Go listen for an explanation of the term cock weasel and other enlightening things. But remember - she interviewed me months ago.


Gabriele C. said…
I don't think the elected representatives will care much, after all, they have their fat asses on the chairs now. But maybe an article in a big newspaper. If you write it in a funny way, they might accept it. My father got one up in a leading German newspaper, and he's not famous, or a regular letters to the editor writer or anything.
norby said…
It's true, your interview was before Stuart's wasn't it? He probably pestered her until she felt sorry for him...
Jo said…
You should work at my place, there they not only put handles on the doors that you push open, but they also label them PULL!

As for BT all I can say is I'm glad I'm with cable!
angie said…
Of course I interviewed you first! Gotta get the good ones in right off the bat, no?

Glad to hear things are (sloooowly) getting settled and am rooting for you for this year's Dagger!

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