Thursday, January 24, 2008

Achatina Fulica - An Update

Yes, despite being under my care and supervision, the snails Stotious and Wardrobe are still alive and well. I cleaned out their tank yesterday, hence the photograph of them in their temporary residence.

but which one is Wardrobe?

They seem to quite enjoy melon skin, and carrot top. Pineapple is another favourite, but they're just not interested in lettuce. I can't really tell if they've grown or not. Apparently they can get as big as your hand, but if that's the case they've a long way to go. That's a fairly small side-plate they're sitting on.

The tank does seem a little small for them, though, especially once I've shoved a small tupperware pot at one end for a pool. I think that when we move to the new place I'll get them something a bit bigger. Also a heat mat to go under it, since we won't have heating for a few weeks. Either that or I'll take them north and give them to my nephews to look after. The dogs and cat are getting a Fife holiday, so why shouldn't the snails?

Now I must go and see about planting some garlic...



Blogger highlandwriter said...

Errr, looks like lunch to me. ;-)

January 24, 2008 5:42 pm  

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