Sunday, February 25, 2007

Down Time

Posting will be sporadic to non-existent for the next two weeks. Yes, it's time for our bi-annual pilgrimage to Sandra-land, there to strap planks to my feet and hurtle down snow-covered slopes, to the benefit of my mental and physical health, if not to my wallet.

The Horse Doctor and I will depart from Edinburgh tomorrow morning in the wee small hours, heading (hopefully) for Heathrow and then on to Calgary. If I manage not to crash the hire car on the way, we should be in Panorama late on Monday Canada time, which is to say very early on Tuesday Fife time. I might need to get hold of a can or two of Red Bull.

At the moment there seems to be snow, which is better than the last time . There's still the opportunity for that pineapple wind to blow up from Hawaii and ruin everything, but here's hoping it doesn't.

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