Do Some Damage

I'm all too aware that I've been neglecting this place of late. It happens, sadly. Especially when I've got a novel on the boil. The Hangman's Song, number three in the DI McLean series, is pretty much ready to be sent off to my editor now, so I ought to have a bit more time.

I say 'ought to'. The truth is I'm busier than ever. Lambing and calving are looming, meaning livestock has to be checked and fed every day. There's also the small matter of Natural Causes being published on May 9th and all the hoopla that goes with it. I am equal parts little-boy-at-Christmas excited and little-boy-in-the-dark terrified at the prospect. Michael Joseph are putting a lot of effort into promoting the book, which means high profile for shy and retiring me. Backing reluctantly into the spotlight I go.

But I've not been completely unproductive of late. My good friend Russel D McLean, asked if I'd fill in for him over at Do Some Damage last week, whilst he was away in Paris on holiday, eating Wild Boar and going to Jazz Clubs. I of course leapt at the opportunity, and wrote something all about me. Well, it's the only subject I'm the world's expert on, after all.

You can read it here, and I recommend you visit DSD frequently for updates and insights into the world of crime fiction writing.


Unknown said…
Hi James Delighted to hear third Insp McLean book will be out soon but have just finished reading the Golden Cage- fantastic series so please, please say that The Broken World will be ready soon! Congrats on your success and hope the sheep are doing well! Kathy

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