A brief hiatus

OK, I know. I promised you a chainsaw frenzy. So sue me.

Today finds me back in Wales, albeit briefly, to visit the hospital for the results of my MRI scan. Predictably enough, there is apparently nothing wrong with me. It would seem the incessant whining in my right ear is something I've just got to learn to live with. So much for the wonders of modern medicine.

The doctor did reassure me that there wasn't a tumour growing in my brain, so I suppose that's something. Since he hadn't even raised the possibility beforehand (and quite correctly so, I guess), that's scant consolation for being made to wait an hour and a quarter for what turned out to be a less then five minute consultation. It seems churlish complaining about the NHS, but I can't help thinking they ought to be able to do a better job with the money they get. 

Perhaps I'll try acupuncture next.


highlandwriter said…
maybe you have some sort of 'gift.'


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