I could claim that I've been busy. I could say that I've switched off the internet to concentrate on Nanowhatnot. I could pretend that my computer ate itself, or that all the phone lines in Wales suddenly stopped working. None of these would be true. Well, perhaps apart from the busy thing, but that doesn't really count.

The truth is I, like a lot of bloggers of yore, have run out of things to say. Or at least run out of the enthusiasm to share the minutiae of my life that once I had. A few people have found solace on facebook and twitter, and I do actually have accounts on both of these services. I've even tried using both, and facebook just doesn't do anything for me. That plus a few scary stories about what they do with your profile information, and I'm just about ready to shut it down. I might keep it up there and put a whole load of incorrect details about me, just for the fun of it.

Twitter is a bit more fun, but basically too distracting. I also hate not knowing what's going on in a conversation, and since I can't possibly follow more than a couple of dozen people at a time without my brain exploding in a sticky mess, I find myself more often frustrated by it than not. I've not tweeted in several weeks now, although I still seem to attract about one new follower a week, which is weird. They're not all nipple bots, either. 

I downloaded Tweetdeck to help manage both my twitter and facebook accounts, but I've noticed my productivity spikes on those days I forget to turn it on. That seems to be happening a lot lately, which is probably how I've managed to finally finish the first draft of my current WIP. Depressingly it's taken me all year to write, and is only sixty thousand words long. It will grow a bit once I've added a couple of necessary scenes, but then shrink again in the redraft. So it will be comfortably my shortest book since the first one. It's sobering to think that when I was writing the third Benfro book, 60k would have taken me less than a fortnight.

The clue, I suppose, is in the title. Not of the WIP - that's called One Good Deed and will be brilliant, I'm sure. No, I've reverted to the original topic now, my lack of interaction with all things web. They call it Social Networking. I've never been the former, and I'm dreadful at the latter. So it's hardly surprising if I lapse back into type when the going's tough. Maybe one of these days I'll get the hang of it, but it's a new trick, and I'm an increasingly old dog. Perhaps I should stop worrying and just be content in myself.

At least I've posted more often than Mr Stuart.


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