The morning after my last diatribe, a letter arrived in the post from Mid and South Wales  NHS Trust, inviting me to attend the minor operations clinic a fortnight tomorrow at ten past ten in the morning. I shall be seeing Doctor Kontes, apparently. That will be approximately six weeks after my GP made the initial request, and none of that 'I have to get in touch with them to make an appointment' nonsense I was told over the phone.

Alarmingly the letter advises that I arrange for someone else to take me home after the appointment, so I guess I'll be sporting a proper shiner for a while. If I'm feeling kind, I'll post some before and after photies.

So my apologies to those hard working individuals in the NHS, 10% of whom are likely to lose their jobs in the next year or so, if our papers are to be believed. Yours is still an overweight organisation massively bloated by needless bureaucracy and desperately in need of a major overhaul, but you can book me an eye appointment in six weeks, so I'll forgive you just this once.


highlandwriter said…
Lol James...

Good of you to post a retraction, of sorts.

Best of luck w/your procedure.

--from the states where we're confused a/b our own future w/health care...


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