My God you're a boozy lot

It's obviously that time of year again - plums hanging heavily from the trees, going ridiculously cheap in the shops, being foisted on you by well-meaning but irritating relatives. My own plum growing enterprise is nowhere near reaching ripeness - one shrivelled green fruit had survived the arctic blasts of our Welsh summer the last time I looked, but I can't see the bottom of the garden right now because we're in the clouds, so it may well have given up the ghost. The promise of this spring's floral display has certainly not been realised.

But whatever the weather, there's a lot of interest in turning boring old plums into wonderfully warming Plum Brandy. And Sir Benfro, it would seem, is the place to come for advice. This is a screen dump of my latest Keywords Search breakdown:

that's almost 92% of all searches referring to plum brandy

I am particularly impressed with the sheer inventiveness of the average booze-seeker in thinking up alternative ways of saying 'Plum Brandy Recipe'. How disappointing for all of you that whatever you type, you always seem to end up here.


highlandwriter said…
I promise I didn't Google 'plums' or 'brandy' to get to your blog today. However, I am having a glass of wine as I surf my favorite blogs.

If you make more plum brandy and such from this year's crop we want to see more pictures!


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