And Haggis makes Three

I have returned to Wales following the two oddest weeks of my life. Here, very little has changed, although a few strange people have insisted on hugging me and making noises of sympathy. I guess I'm OK with that, if it makes them happy.

About five hundred people turned up to my parents' funeral, which was slightly mind blowing. (That and the front page article in the Dundee Courier singing their praises and lamenting their loss.) I stood in front of them all, shaking like a jelly and managed to say a few words, but I didn't break down and cry like I had expected to.

I didn't break down at the crematorium either, even though that was just immediate family. And I was curiously numb as, standing next to my elder brother, I scattered my father's ashes at the top of Norman's Law.

In fact, the closest I've come to losing it so far was when I took Haggis the lucky labrador for a quick walk around the farm steadings prior to driving south. It was quiet and I was (almost) alone, and that's the hardest time. It's just as well I'm working in an office right now.

The reason I was taking Haggis the lucky labrador for a quick walk around the steadings is that he, too, has made the journey south to Wales. I had intended getting a new dog soon - the DevilDog is very old and stiff these days - but I hadn't planned on anything for a few months yet, and I really hadn't planned on a labrador. Haggis, you may recall, arrived but recently on the scene - May of last year to be precise. He somehow managed to survive the accident and escape the wreckage, unlike Gus, Jed and Borgie. And without a scratch. So now he is Haggis the lucky labrador. Or Haggis Neepsandtatties, to give him his proper surname.

all together now... aaaaahhhhh

He's a bit bigger than that now. Well, a lot bigger to be honest. But he's still very much a puppy in attitude. As I type this, he's at home. Whether I have a home left by the time I get back this evening, only time will tell.

On the plus side, I'm going to get fit keeping him exercised.


Anonymous said…
angie said…
I had a feeling he'd end up with you. He's a beauty!
Gabriele C. said…
James, the numbness seems to be some sort of self protection of the body in order to function. I've been through that after my mother's accident and death four weeks later, and when I finally almost lost it, it was during a La Traviata performance in Stuttgart - a trip I took about three weeks after the funeral and which I had planned long before. My mother would not have wanted me to miss it. I think it was the music that brought my barriers down, and I cried back in the hotel. For the first time since that fatal day.
norby said…
Yes, a lab will definitely keep you moving James. It's good he's with you though, he has a good home after everything he's been through.
Trace said…
He's so beautiful! I love him!
Jo said…
He's lovely James. You may not think it now, but I'm sure he'll bring you plenty of smiles.

Take Care

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