Thursday, September 14, 2006

People do the strangest things

For lack of anything better to do with my time, I've been perusing the google and yahoo searches that have lead people here. It's a fascinating insight into the human condition, and makes up for the fact that I can't think of any good movies or books that would benefit from a single change of letter.*

So what, do you suppose, was a fellow from Dresden hoping to find out when he typed 'there it goes again' into google? My blog, apparently.

Perhaps he was suffering from the same malaise as the lady from Bangalore, who was searching on the string 'nothing ever goes according to plan.' I can only concur. Nothing ever does.

The gentlemen from New York should know better than to ask 'why is adjustment necessary'? But then, maybe he's new to the scene. Perhaps he should take advice from the chap in San Francisco, who's obviously been stuck on Haight and Ashbury since the 60s. I can't come up with any other reason why someone would type 'how do post my dog ditting add that do dog sitting saturday sunday' into a search engine? What does it mean? And why does all the gibberish point here?

Closer to home, someone's looking for 'bitch fighting in llanishen', which is a suburb of Cardiff, for those of you who don't know Wales well. I'm afraid he's not going to find much of that around here. Sorry.

But perhaps the one that worries me most comes from Newbury. About as Home Counties proper as it gets, so why are they looking for 'ladies shagging on the farm'? And why does that search string point them here? Must be something someone left in the comments.

*Except maybe Bold Granite - the tale of a plucky young Aberdeen curler who fights his way from poverty to OIympic Gold.

Oh, and Broken Skis - the same story, but this time with an Olympic skier involved in a race-fixing scandal.

Dying Sight - the sad lament of an old painter as he goes slowly blind.

And I suppose there's Lynn Viehl's Stardog series, about a genetically enhanced labrador who travels between the stars bringing succour to the needy.

Hmmm. Better stop now.


Blogger Stuart MacBride said...

"Hmmm. Better stop now."

Yes, I think you better had.

September 16, 2006 1:59 pm  

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